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DIY Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening at a Sacramento Cosmetic Dentist

One can say with conviction that a lot of people want a set of sparkling white teeth. Who wouldn’t, after all? 96 percent of the respondents in a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have indicated that an attractive smile contributes largely to good looks. That being said, there’s one popular (and logical) way of getting that truly attractive smile: teeth whitening.

Whiten Teeth

Locals who want to whiten their teeth are typically faced with a dilemma: should they go the DIY route or visit a Sacramento cosmetic dentist? Is one really better than the other?

One thing to remember is that different factors can affect the results of both treatments. For instance, the effectiveness of certain whitening strips may be limited by existing dental work like crowns and fillings, as well as certain dental conditions like internal stains and severe tooth wear. Aside from these factors, the end-choice also relies heavily on one’s current situation, including budget, severity of discoloration, and the extent of the desired results.

In other words, the answer is a big “It depends.” Still, various experts have weighed in on the subject and found something interesting: at times, several DIY teeth whitening methods may actually be harming the teeth. For example, citrus fruits like lemons have been extolled in the past as effective teeth whiteners, but later studies have shown that the high concentrations of citric acid in lemons are enough to gradually erode teeth.

Aside from lemons, another popular DIY teeth whitening concoction involves strawberries and baking soda. Concerns about this method have been brought up in 2012, with claims stating that strawberries also has high concentrations of citric acid. In an attempt to test this mixture’s effectiveness, a researcher used it on 20 freshly extracted human molars, and found out that the teeth didn’t really show true whitening. The mixture was only able to remove superficial debris, but didn’t penetrate deep enough to leave significant results.

It is not just these “natural” DIY whiteners that have been brought into question. Over-the-counter solutions like whitening strips have also raised concerns, since many of them contain chlorine dioxide (the same chemical used in swimming pools), which can “scrape” dirt off teeth enamels, but also cause them to erode over time, thus making the teeth prone to sensitivity. In worst cases, the effect can even lead to tooth loss.

That being said, expert Sacramento cosmetic dentistry services by the likes of Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS is still the safest whitening bet. While the process may seem more time and resource-consuming, there’s always a stamp of guarantee in every session.

(Source: Dental In-Office Vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening, TCTimes.com, February 3, 2015)

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