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Get a beautiful smile FAST!

We can straighten your teeth with rapid orthodontics…

I am passionate about providing high quality dentistry for my patients, which includes making sure you are absolutely happy with your smile. Many adult patients have ambitions for their smiles which include gaining a beautiful smile without sacrificing their appearance while they’re receiving treatment. We will never allow you to leave without beautiful temporary restorations to tide your over while waiting for the production of your final gorgeous restorations!  I will consult with you and recommend the best route of treatment to gain the smile of your dreams.  And never fear if you think your dental needs are huge.  There are ways to stage treatment over time so we can take baby steps and eventually get you where your smile needs to be!

Veneers are porcelain facings which take two appointments at our Sacramento practice

Veneers are very thin facings of porcelain that are precisely made to fit your own individual teeth.  They are adhered permanently to each tooth so they are permanent.  You can change the length, width, color, alignment or prominence of your teeth with veneers.  Many people elect to get their top arch done first, and then determine whether or not they need to include the lower arch.  If your lower teeth are not as visible, then they may not need to be included.

Lumineers are a brand of Veneers

Kleenex and Scott are two brands of facial tissue.  Lumineers and Durathin are similarly two brands of veneers, with the goal being, minimally invasive procedures…that don’t require much tooth removal.  The thickness of a veneer depends upon what the veneer is designed to accomplish.   Some smiles are candidates for minimally invasive procedures and some are not.   In general, my objective is always to be as conservative as possible in reducing tooth structure.  The maintenance of healthy tooth structure is paramount to all procedures, so no matter what brand of veneer I use, I will never over reduce teeth.   All veneers I produce are extremely thin and they attach seamlessly to your natural tooth perfecting appearance of your smile.

Six Month Smile is a rapid orthodontic solution to a beautiful smile

The miracle of modern orthodontics allows for the straightening of front teeth in as few as four to nine months!  Using tooth colored nickel titanium wire and clear elastics, we are now able to move the teeth that show in your smile in record time without the ugly appearance of metal!  What a break through.  There is no excuse not to have a gorgeous, white, straight smile any longer.

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