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Get More Smileage Out of Life: Five Smile-worthy Reasons to Choose Us

Imagine you’re attending an out-of-town business conference and you enter a room where you don’t know anyone—naturally, you might feel out of place, even a little awkward. Thankfully, you notice a person smiling at you with a beautiful and magnetic smile. And in an instant you feel welcomed and don’t feel as though you’re surrounded by strangers anymore.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” – Jay Danzie

That is exactly how powerful a smile can be! If you want to learn how far a great smile can take you, consider taking measures to improve your own with our help. Here are five reasons to do business with Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS and her team:

Gentle Dentistry

For some people, going to a dental appointment is as scary as speaking in public. They avoid it like the plague, often putting their teeth and dental health at serious long-term risk. Some patients suffer from severe anxiety before and during their visit. Whether it be fear of needles, fear of pain, fear of feeling helpless as you lie flat in the chair while someone pokes and prods around your mouth, some degree of apprehension is very common, or normal even. Sometimes (but not always) these feelings stem from flashbacks to one or more unpleasant experiences. Dental phobia is an extreme fear of the dentist. People with dental phobia aren’t merely anxious or fearful, they are terrified or panic stricken. It’s estimated that 9-15% of Americans suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia.

If you belong in this category, we have the solution: Gentle Dentistry. We have friendly and approachable professionals on our team who’ll listen to your concerns and make sure you are at ease. Our hygienists and registered dental assistants are responsive to our patients’ sensitivities. They approach their work with a soft, light touch – you might say we baby chickens! At the office of Dr. Monica Crooks DDS, you are welcomed into a soothing, spa-like environment. From there you can expect effective pain management (99% pain free) during procedures. You can even request numbing for general cleanings. We also offer sedation dentistry to relieve your anxiety. Our goal is to assuage your fears and make you comfortable during consultations and procedures. For us, a gentle approach is what dentistry is all about.

Patient Education

We know that our patients aren’t as familiar with dental terminology as we are, so we avoid bombarding you with too much technical information that may make your head spin. Our goal is to inform you in language you’re familiar with and to ensure no questions about your treatment program are left unanswered.

Preventive Education

Optimum dental health is not a one-time deal. It’s a continuous effort, and this is what we stress to our patients. We emphasize the importance of good dental habits. This way, working with us — and at home — our patients know how to keep dental problems at bay.

Ongoing Support Program

If you sign up for any of our treatment programs or procedures, we assure you that we’ll be here for you until we fully know that everything we’ve done has worked. We’re not in the habit of giving you a smile improvement and then sending you on your way. We’re a team, and this means having your back (as well as your smile) even after you’ve stepped out of our office.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables us to perform dental procedures precisely and effectively. Our tools also allow us to customize our treatments according to your exact needs.

Don’t underestimate the power of a smile. If you want to do something positive about yours, let us know. Call us at 1-916-922-2027 or send us an e-mail at drmonicacrooks@gmail.com

About Monica Crooks

Dr. Monica Crooks specializes in cosmetic dentistry and takes a comprehensive approach that begins with the establishment of sound dental health and continues with maintenance and design of a perfect smile. She writes about oral and dental health and cosmetic dental procedures at drmonicacrooks.com .

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