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Invisalign® at Sacramento Dental Practices: From Crooked to Straight

Many people often try to keep their thoughts to themselves whenever a person whose teeth is slightly askew smiles at them. Conversely, you may have struggled with confidence issues if your smile is less than perfect. Such awkward situations call for proven corrective remedies such as the Invisalign® clear aligner system. Stay-at-home mother and stock-image photographer named Sharon states as much in her personal blog, which details her odyssey with the aligners.

Sacramento Invisalign® solutions

Sacramento residents may even have their own stories about trying to achieve the sort of beautiful smiles one normally sees celebrities flashing before the camera. What many are not aware of, however, is that misaligned teeth can endanger their oral health in the long term. Whatever the underlying dangers may be, that’s where dental practitioners proficient at Invisalign® in Sacramento, such as Dr Monica Crooks, DDS can intervene.


A sit-down consultation and examination with your preferred dentist should outline the objectives for having the aligners installed. Sharon says her teeth looked deceptively normal when viewed head-on but were slightly askew due to crowding if seen from side angles. To address such a concern, a dentist may use a mold cast and X-ray scans to design suitable aligners for the initial treatment phase.

A review of oral health habits may also reveal whether or not you are eligible for Invisalign® clear aligners. Some dentists maintain that damaged gum tissue, poor maintenance, and heavily rotated teeth are among the deal-breakers to watch out for.

Patience is a virtue

Invisalign® treatment takes time, and its success will be based on your level of commitment. Normally, the program involves wearing a pair of aligners for over 20 hours every day for two weeks. Several pairs will be prepared for you to wear when the period for the current pair lapses. Sharon says her dentist gave her 16 aligners for the upper set and 14 aligners for the lower set.


A stringent maintenance program is also part of wearing Invisalign®. For instance, your dentist will advise you to avoid hot beverages and to remove your aligners before you eat or go to sleep. You will also be educated on which cleaning products and implements you can use.

It is never too late to fix the issues created by a set of misaligned teeth. When you have your teeth corrected through a dentist proficient in Sacramento Invisalign® solutions, like Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS, better oral health and increased confidence are within reach.

(Source: Checking in on the Invisalign blog!, Sharon’s Invisalign Adventure)

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