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Raise Your Chances of Employment with Dentist-Recommended Solutions

Studies have shown that at first meeting people are more likely to remember your smile than your clothes, your smell, even what you said. Smiles mean a lot; they are the fastest- recognized human expression, identifiable faster and from farther away than any other human expression and the look of yours may affect your social or work life.

Dentist-Recommended Solutions
Since your smile makes the first impression, why not make it beautiful? Here at the office of Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS, we are experienced in routine dental procedures to maintain your smile and oral health. But we’re especially passionate about cosmetic dentistry and life-changing dental procedures. Making over your smile is literally only two appointments away. If you’ve been laughing with your hand over your mouth or trying to hide an imperfect spot in your smile, we can help you gain the confidence that a flawless smile can bring.

If you are looking for a new job or promotion at work, your boss needs to see not just the quality of your work — they need to see the potential of you as someone with promise beyond your current performance. They need to hire/promote someone who they can trust. That’s why you need a smile that conveys trust, one that is instantly recognizable and memorable. It’s also a good idea for job applicants to be on top of their physical appearance habits, including dental hygiene, in preparation for job interviews and the like. HR recruiters are known to be very particular about image projection and neatness—and teeth are a major part of your image.

Tooth Decay in in Adults (Age 20 to 64)

Sadly, oral hygiene doesn’t seem to be a priority for many Americans. USA Today cited data from a 2012 Commonwealth Fund survey involving working-age people, which showed that between 5% and 7% of residents in California have already lost at least six teeth due to tooth decay.

Residents who engage in unhealthy habits like drinking sweetened beverages or water without fluoride are therefore more vulnerable to tooth decay. Some dentists have lamented that patients needing full tooth extraction are usually in the vicinity of 20 and 30 years old – a critical age bracket for jobs in several professions.

Is Your Smile Up to the Job?

There are a few essential things your smile needs to perform its role: It needs to be shown, it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to be natural.

If you don’t have a smile that you feel comfortable sharing, you won’t be showing it, or you won’t be comfortable showing it. Cosmetic dentistry can help you get comfortable with your smile so you will always have it at the ready when you need it. Below are options a cosmetic dentist may help you with:

  • Dentures – Partial or full dentures are a viable solution to covering gaps in your teeth. A consultation with a local dentist, such as Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS, will determine if an entire section of your teeth needs dentures. Titanium implants are gaining favor for denture support, as they serve as anchors for the denture. A prosthodontist interviewed by USA Today said that while “quick dentures” may work for temporary engagements, (like a job interview, perhaps?), advances in technology already allow for the rapid creation of longer-lasting oral devices.
  • Fillings – Some teeth may be affected by decay at a certain point, but may still be saved. Tooth-colored composite fillings may be applied after the teeth are cleaned.
  • Veneers – There’s often the chance that even one tooth showing an odd pallor would be noticed by a recruiter who is scrutinizing an applicant. Special veneers can be installed to cover up the problem tooth’s imperfections. Your dentist may recommend special snap-on veneer products as an alternative to permanent veneers.

Taking care of your oral health is vital when you need to convince recruiters that you’re the right person for the job. It’s never too late to visit a dental office to find immediate solutions.

Call Dr. Monica Crooks’ office and speak to Kelly or Carol to schedule your appointment today!

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About Monica Crooks

Dr. Monica Crooks specializes in cosmetic dentistry and takes a comprehensive approach that begins with the establishment of sound dental health and continues with maintenance and design of a perfect smile. She writes about oral and dental health and cosmetic dental procedures at drmonicacrooks.com .

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