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Sacramento Dentist: Less Recognized Causes of Teeth Discoloration

We all know that highly pigmented foods such as coffee, tea and red wine can easily stain the teeth, but with regular brushing, these stains could be removed easily. However, if your teeth remain discolored despite sticking to your oral hygiene routine, there might be contributing factors other than the food you consume. According to Dr. Monica Crooks a Sacramento dentist, here are some of the less-known causes of discolored teeth.


  • Too Much Fluoride. Although this element is essential to keep the teeth stronger, too much fluoride intake, particularly at an early age, may result in a condition called fluorosis. This is characterized by brown stains, white spots, or cloudy yellow patches on the now more porous enamel. This condition is often caused by excessive fluoride in one’s drinking water,  or taking fluoride tablets in addition to drinking fluoridated water.
  • Biological Factors. The dentin, the yellowish inner layer protected by the enamel, becomes more visible with gradual wear down of the protective enamel as you age. Enamel thickness, is an inherited trait, and the thinner your enamel is, the more your dentin will show through regardless of how well you brush your teeth. In fact, aggressive brushing with a medium to hard bristled brush can wear down emmel prematurely. Always use an ultra soft toothbrush and be less when forceful brushing.

Say Hello to Whiter Teeth

If you have discolored teeth, there are a variety of treatments you can choose from. The less invasive types include the use of custom whitening trays that employ a less-active ingredient, and whose application you can manage at your own home during your free time.

Another option is Crest White Strips, a disposable plastic strip applied directly to the teeth. It is very effective in whitening heavily stained teeth owing to its superior adhesive quality and more active yet enamel-friendly whitening ingredient. So visit a local Sacramento dentist such as Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS now and see if you’re a good candidate for this type of treatment or any kind of teeth whitening procedure.

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