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Sacramento Dentist Offers Effective Solutions to Food-stained Teeth

Society’s standards for beauty change with the times, but a pearly white smile never goes out of fashion. However, an immaculate-looking set of white teeth is rarely all natural. Often, it is achieved with the help of cosmetic dentists.


Stained, yellowed teeth are among the many factors that lead to a less-than-pleasant smile. Unfortunately, this condition is pretty common. There are two types of teeth stains–intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic staining is the discoloration of the inner layer of the tooth known as the dentin; and extrinsic staining is the discoloration of the tooth’s outer surface (the enamel).

Teeth stains happen because enamel is porous—that is, it’s not entirely solid and substances can pass through it, making it highly susceptible to discoloration. Particles in colored food and drinks may be absorbed by teeth, and the accumulation of these particles can result in a dull, yellowish hue over time. Aside from dark-colored food, acidity also plays a major part in teeth discoloration. It wears down the enamel, making them much more susceptible to stains than they originally were.

Some food and beverages, even those deemed “healthy,” are actually notorious at staining teeth. Here are some of them.

Tea – Tea’s health benefits are never overblown. Despite these, however, tea can also be punishing to teeth’s appearance. Black and other dark-hued tea variants have been proven to stain teeth, though this could be somewhat mitigated by adding milk, which dilutes the color. Green and white tea are the most teeth-friendly variants.

Coffee – Coffee’s strong, dark hue and acidic nature can easily stain teeth. Just like tea, adding a bit of milk into coffee will dilute the colors and help reduce staining. Drinking water afterwards also helps. No doubt, Sacramento is home to many coffee lovers who can’t go through a day without a cup or two. An experienced Sacramento, CA dentist like Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS can provide teeth whitening solutions that will restore coffee-stained smiles.

Carb-filled food – All types of carb-filled food, even the “healthy” ones like brown rice, whole-grain pasta, and sweet potatoes, do your teeth no favors. Once processed by the saliva, carbohydrates are turned into sugars, which produce teeth-eroding acid, making it easier for darkening particles to stain your teeth.

A set of healthy white teeth is an asset that shouldn’t be overlooked. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should forego the food you love or are good for you. Moderation is always key, and so are effective teeth whitening solutions from a trusted Sacramento dentist.

(Source: Why do Teeth Get Yellow? – ‘The Why’, AmericanLiveWire.com, January 13, 2015)

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