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Veneers in Sacramento: Part and Parcel of Ensuring that Megawatt Smile

Virtually everyone wants to have a spotless smile; some whose teeth leave much to be desired may try any safe aesthetic solution to achieve it. Veneers through Sacramento dental practitioners like Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS are one such option. An article on Worldental.org states that veneers can address certain visual problems with your teeth.

Ensuring that Megawatt Smile


Veneers are pre-fashioned porcelain shells designed to be installed over existing teeth. They are shaped like the original tooth and, depending on the initial consultations with the dentist, can cover visual imperfections such as tooth gaps, chipped teeth, or even teeth whose shape is odd relative to the entire bridge.


Machining the veneers normally takes place one week after the consultation, and this is often the time for the patient to prepare for the installation. For instance, the dentist will grind some of the tooth’s enamel away to provide a coarse surface so that the dental resin bonds with the veneer. The resin’s bond with the teeth are then reinforced by subjecting them to white light beams.

Tooth sensitivity, may increase as a result of the stripping; consult your dentist about being administered a local anesthetic to be better attuned to the veneer as it is put on.


Quality Sacramento veneers will only be as effective as the patient’s own efforts to keep them in pristine condition. Your preferred dentist can walk you through an in-depth maintenance program. The Worldental article also states that you should start by making an effort to brush and floss every day to keep plaque at bay.

Your conduct during regular activities also plays a role in the maintenance program. Do not bite into any hard food items like fruits as they could jar the veneers loose from the pressure; try cutting them up instead. If you have issues with teeth grinding, consult your dentist on the appropriate treatment options.

Some people may claim that discolored and less than perfect teeth can be a turnoff on the social front. It’s never too late to enlist the services of dental practitioners like Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS who can set things right. Are you ready to take that leap?

(Source: Facts and Benefits of Dental Porcelain Veneers, WorlDental)

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