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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Monica Crooks can answer any dental questions you have

Dr. Monica Crooks and her team are very approachable and are always ready to answer any questions that you have. With interests in family dentistry, cosmetic smile enhancement and restorative treatments, Dr. Monica Crooks and her team provide an all-encompassing dental service which can completely reinvigorate your smile and have you grinning from ear to ear.

We have conveniently compiled our patients’ frequently asked questions

In order to answer common queries, Dr. Monica Crooks has accumulated the questions that patients frequently ask her:

“When should my child first visit Dr. Monica Crooks?”

Dr. Monica Crooks recommends bringing your child in for a visit at two years of age 

In order to establish excellent dental habits and monitor your child’s oral development it is imperative that you bring him or her in to visit Dr. Monica Crooks from an early age. The first appointment with Dr. Monica Crooks is to establish friendship and trust.  Your child gets to play with the dental “toys” and gets rewarded with a visit to our treasure trove to select a free take home toy for allowing Dr. Monica Crooks to count his or her teeth.   The maturity and socialization of your child determines how extensive the first appointment is.

Visiting Dr. Monica Crooks from a young age, before your child hears potentially negative experiences from others, ensures that your child’s personal dental experience is comfortable and happy.  This eliminates the association of fear with dental appointments and establishes a good habit for life.  Dr. Monica Crooks’ imaginative Egyptian-themed environment is also sure to inspire your children by making visiting their dentist a captivating experience!

To discover more about Dr. Monica Crooks’ children’s dental care at our Sacramento practice please get your children off to a great start today:
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How often should I frequent the dentist?

Dr. Monica Crooks recommends visiting her Sacramento practice at least twice a year

By visiting Dr. Monica Crooks and her team of expert Hygienists at least every six months, you will be safeguarding your dental and medical health against gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer and heart disease. Dental disease is essentially preventable, but dental disease does not hurt until it is far too late for easy correction or prevention.  What you don’t know can definitely hurt you.  Knowledge is power and the best way to insure your dental health is to visit Dr. Monica Crooks’ dental practice at least twice a year.  You don’t need dental insurance.  Insure your own self with a professional check-up and cleaning.

As you get older it is imperative to your health that you visit Dr. Monica Crooks more frequently as your risk of gum disease and oral cancer  increase over the age of 45. You should also visit Dr. Monica Crooks if you have a history of frequent decay or if you have required extensive restorations in the past.

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Can Dr. Monica Crooks replace my silver fillings?

Dr. Monica Crooks understands the desire for an all-white smile

While amalgam or silver fillings were the staple dental procedure in the past, today there are much more cosmetically acceptable and durable solutions. Tooth colored fillings are perfect for restoring damage caused by dental decay as they match the natural color of your teeth and like magic, they hide the fact that you ever had a cavity in the first place!  Many people elect to remove their silver fillings because of the potentially harmful effects of mercury contained in silver amalgam fillings.

In order to remove your amalgam fillings Dr. Monica Crooks utilizes high volume suction and water spray which evacuates the harmful materials completely, protecting you from mercury exposure. She will then restore the tooth with a tooth colored composite resin filling giving you perfect looking teeth and total confidence for those smile out loud, open mouthed, huge laughing, fun moments in life!

To book your amalgam filling removal appointment at Dr. Monica Crooks’ Sacramento practice please arrange a new patient reservation through our scheduler form:
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I have lost a tooth! What are my options?

Regain what you’ve lost with Dr. Monica Crooks’ expert restorative procedures

If you have lost a tooth due to decay or an accident, Dr. Monica Crooks is thrilled to offer you all the near miraculous options you have to restore your smile! The importance of a confident smile extends beyond your exterior appearance. You can not eat very effectively without a full compliment of teeth.  And without back teeth for support, you will pound your front teeth right out of your jaw bone.  Teeth are for function as much as for beauty.

Dr. Monica Crooks will utilize dental implants, removable partial dentures or bridges to restore your smile after you’ve lost a tooth or teeth. All of these treatments look extremely natural as they can be color-matched to your natural teeth or you can select the shade of white that you have always wanted!

To book your restorative smile appointment today with Dr. Monica Crooks at her Sacramento dental practice please arrange a new patient reservation through our scheduler form:
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How do I prevent gum disease from affecting my smile?

Bacteria is the cause of gum disease.  Keep bacterial plaque off your teeth

Your daily dental hygiene routine will set the bar for your oral health. There are basic precautions you need to take to ensure the ongoing health of your teeth such as:

  • Brushing your teeth effectively morning and night
  • Flossing every single day
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Avoiding the drying effect of cigarettes

Your dental health begins at home and is perfected with Dr. Monica Crooks

The final stage of ensuring optimum oral hygiene is visiting Dr. Monica Crooks and her team at their Sacramento dental practice. During a new patient appointment she will evaluate your mouth for disease and recommend the type of professional cleaning and scaling you personally need to eliminate tartar buildup which you cannot remove by yourself.  Her hygiene team will teach you how to effectively maintain your dental health.

To book an appointment with Dr. Monica Crooks at her Sacramento dental practice today please arrange a new patient reservation through our scheduler form:
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I need a straight and beautiful smile fast!

Dr. Monica Crooks’ cosmetic smile enhancements are lifestyle friendly and time efficient

Dr. Monica Crooks and her team can straighten your teeth in four to six months!  This orthodontic treatment is a rapid solution to crooked teeth and allows patients to benefit from a beautiful smile in record time!  This modern marvel is also virtually invisible on your teeth so that your everyday lifestyle and appearance isn’t compromised.

You may also benefit from Dr. Monica Crooks’ porcelain veneers which can perfect just about anything you don’t like about the look of your smile.  This amazing option is perfect for patients who wish to eliminate discoloration, asymmetry, crooked teeth or small gaps, and it is completed in two visits in about two weeks!

To book your cosmetic smile enhancement appointment with Dr. Monica Crooks at her Sacramento practice today please arrange a new patient reservation through our scheduler form:
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I have chronic headaches and jaw pain, what can I do?

Headaches, jaw pain and migraines can signify TMJ Dysfunction or bruxism

Many people clench their jaw and grind their teeth when they’re stressed, or simply as a habit. This habit can lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD) which can sacrifice jaw function and induce painful headaches, jaw pain and migraines. TMD can also transpire due to the dislodgement of the jaw muscles which can occur because of an abnormal jaw alignment or bite pattern.

In order to treat muscular discrepancies which cause TMD, Dr. Monica Crooks will utilize Botox therapy. To find out more about this treatment please see our page on Botox therapy for jaw and muscular pain here. (link to Botox page)

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