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Financing Options

Financing Options

Dr. Monica Crooks is dedicated to making dentistry more accessible

Dr. Monica Crooks understands dentistry can be costly, especially when you have a family. In order to make her premium dental services more accessible to her patients and their families she accepts multiple payment methods.   To apply for potentially interest free credit, please visit Care Credit and fill in the form here.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability

Here at Dr. Monica Crooks’ Sacramento dental practice you can feel confident in the high standards of her procedures and skill. Not only does Dr. Monica Crooks and her team utilize the highest grade technology, her team also has one of the most capable skill sets of any dental practice. When you visit Dr. Monica Crooks you’ll be putting your smile and well-being in the hands of one of the best dentists in town, along with a dedicated and professional hygiene and support team.  Dr. Monica Crooks also works in close association with outside specialists in surgery, gum surgery, complex orthodontics, complex endodontics, plastic surgery, chiropractics and general medical practice.  So you can feel confident that whatever your dental need or desire, you will have a leader to guide you through a successful and happy dental/medical outcome.

Let your smile be a reminder of your beauty- not the price

While a certain investment is required in order to achieve a beautiful smile, it does not have to haunt you every time you look in the mirror. Some things are necessities in life and your health is one of those things. We all find a way to afford what we value in life.  Dr. Monica Crooks wants her patients to have the benefit of a gorgeous healthy smile.  And whatever that costs, Dr. Monica Crooks will propose ways to stage your treatment over time so that budget does not have to get in the way of your ultimate success, happiness and confident smile!

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