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Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS, Dentist in Sacramento, CA

Dr. Crooks wants this site to be a highly useful resource, as well as an educational source to you, for any question you need a dentist to answer! If there are questions that have not been answered, please let us know.

Dr. Monica Crooks, an extensively trained and expertly skilled dentist in restorative and cosmetic services takes an artistic approach to your smile, taking the time and care to construct and compose a smile that is balanced and beautiful for your unique face and features. She provides extensive cosmetic dental options to you – from dental implants to braces and veneers – so you can benefit from the myriad technological advancements available today and enjoy the confidence that health and good looks provide.

Her skill set expands from veneers to dental implants; from nearly invisible, fast acting Invisalign braces to teeth whitening and tooth colored fillings. If you are in need of an orthodontist in Sacramento, Ca, she can expertly determine the adjustments that need to be made specifically for your condition.

The environment she designed makes you feel as if you are in an exotic day spa rather than a dental office. With massaging dental chairs, headphones to watch a movie or listen to music and Dr. Monica Crooks’ gentle touch, thorough explanations and rapid efficiency, even dental phobics are quickly cured of any apprehension and start enjoying their dental experience.

Everyone needs to see a dentist. Dental problems are easy to prevent or repair if they are caught early enough. Whatever your needs and desires, you can experience comfort and know you have a dentist who stands behind the quality of her work. Dr. Monica Crooks and her team believe in involving you in your care. You will always understand your options and make your own choices about the care you elect to receive. Dr. Monica Crooks is a creative perfectionist. If you have the will and the means, she will find a way to help you achieve your ideal dental health and aesthetic goals.  Your smile is the central focal point of your face. You owe it to yourself to make it the best it can be.

The start of a beautiful smile begins with healthy foundations

Dr. Monica Crooks’ philosophy is that it makes no sense to invest in the expensive smile makeover restorative options until you have a solid foundation of health as a starting point.  Thus, the first step for all her patients is the elimination of disease. As an orthodontist, she can help you achieve an aligned set of teeth with innovative tools such as Invisalign.

But while you are going through the process of getting healthy and learning how to stay that way, if your needs require it, Dr. Monica Crooks can give you temporary cosmetic fixes that allow you to look fantastic during the length of time it takes you to get your gums healthy and eliminate all tooth decay.

Establishing health is an imperative part of the cosmetic restorative process as it will ensure that any treatments you receive will be long-lasting and your smile will not be compromised by rapid deterioration. And today’s fabulous technology is such that Dr. Monica Crooks, your skilled cosmetic dentist, simply does not use any restorative materials that are not esthetically beautiful.

A healthy mouth is also the gateway to long-lasting general medical health as your teeth are connected to your bloodstream. Bacteria from gum disease can enter your circulatory system and compromise your cardiac health. An infection in an upper tooth can travel through your sinuses and infect your brain. Dental health is no joke. Do not take it for granted.

In fact I have a personal passion for dental health because my father’s sister died at the age of 18 from an infected upper canine tooth. This is a tragedy that need not happen! See a dentist regularly!” ~Dr. Monica

You can be sure that with Dr. Monica Crooks as your dentist, together with her expert hygiene team, you will begin your care by making sure that your gums, bone and teeth are all in foundationally healthy condition.

Dr. Monica Crooks Can Also Treat Your Sleep Apnea and TMJ Pain

Dr. Monica Crooks is a dentist who applies a comprehensive approach to your care. She addresses peripherally related conditions such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder caused by the tongue relaxing into the airway and blocking oxygen intake into the lungs. It causes morbidity and can be fatal.

The best treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP, but for those who cannot tolerate the CPAP, Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS offers an effective more comfortable removable oral appliance option that holds the lower jaw and tongue forward thereby keeping the airway open for effective breathing during the night.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction had numerous causes and must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Some TMJD is simple, transitory and easily managed.  Other TMJD causes are anatomical, chronic, complex and more difficult to treat. TMJD disorders have the best treatment success the earlier you seek treatment.

To view Dr. Monica Crooks’ full range of services please see below:

Cosmetic Smile Enhancement
Rapid Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Colored Fillings
Implant Dentistry
Porcelain Crowns and Bridges
Botox Therapy for Jaw and Head Pain
Dermal Fillers
Sleep Apnea/TMJ Therapy
Laser and General Hygiene Therapy
Early Cancer Detection
Dentures and Removable veneers
Children Dental Care

Our Service Level Commitment

  • Friendly, caring, helpful staff.
  • Quality, individualized care.
  • We use the best labs, the best dental materials, state of the art technology.
  • Your comfort is our constant concern.
  • We teach you how to stay healthy so you can limit your need for dental fillings.
  • We build a strong and healthy foundation and teach you how to maintain it.
  • We focus on optional oral function because your teeth need to work as well as look good.
  • We enhance your smile so you can smile with confidence socially and professionally.
  • Emergencies are seen by the dentist the same day to assess the situation and eliminate pain.
  • Convenient central location and shaded parking.
  • Gentle touch and attention to detail.
  • We get kids aware of dental health and motivated very early in life.
  • Cosmetic dental materials for naturally beautiful smiles.
  • Variety of payment options available.
  • Many insurances accepted, and we fill out the forms so you don’t have to.
  • We do not judge what you can afford. We give you all options.  You select what you desire.

We look forward to helping you.  Schedule your appointment with Dr. Monica Crooks today.
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