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Children’s Dental Care

Dr. Monica Crooks, A Sacramento Children’s Dentist

Dr. Monica is an excellent pediatric dentist (pedodontist). Kids have the best foundation if they develop a positive relationship with Dr. Monica Crooks as early in life as possible…well before they need any fillings! The best pediatric dentistry or pedodontic goal is to prevent the need for fillings in the first place by teaching kids excellent habits and the value of their teeth. Dr. Monica Crooks believes in seeing your child at the age of two! How much we accomplish in that initial appointment depends on the maturity and socialization of your child.

dentist for kidsThe first visit with Dr. Crooks is happy introductions and play!  Your child gets to play with Dr. Crooks’ special dental “toys!” We introduce “Mr. Thirsty,” the slow speed suction, and allow your child to hold it, place it in a cup full of water and marvel as the water gets rapidly sucked up. This is quite entertaining to most two year olds.  After success, we introduce them to “Mr. Thirsty’s Daddy,” our high speed suction device which sucks up water even faster…with a loud and amazing swoosh!  …An introduction to pediatric dentistry at its best! How we interact and how you, the parent, interact in the environment makes all the difference in your child’s experience.  If you are fearful and clingy, your child will sense it and mirror your behavior.  If you tell your child, “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt; Mommy is right here,” your words will destroy your child’s opportunity to have a fun experience. You must believe in the fun and set the happy, excited tone for your child.

children's dentistryOverall, we play!  We laugh, giggle and demonstrate the behavior we hope your child will emulate!  We count their teeth and congratulate them for being such a perfect little patient with their choice of toy from our fantastic treasure trove!  We welcome your child back again soon to play with some new and even cooler dental toys that will polish their teeth making them shiny and super white. We talk to your child.

Kids leave feeling happy, excited about returning and motivated to keep their teeth clean for their new best friend, Dr. Monica Crooks. Get your child off to a healthy start in pediatric  dentistry today with Dr. Monica Crooks.

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