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Cosmetic Smile

Experience the artistry of Dr. Monica Crooks’ cosmetic dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Dr. Monica Crooks is passionate about creating gorgeous smiles and enhancing the quality of your life through cosmetic dentistry. She creates white, straight and balanced smiles for her patients. From dental implants and teeth whitening to smile contouring and veneers, our dental office in Sacramento, CA is fully equipped to handle all your oral health needs.

Once Dr. Crooks’ excellent hygiene team have addressed any hygiene issues and established a foundation of health and health maintenance for you, Dr. Monica Crooks will be able to create your own naturally attractive smile using advanced techniques in smile enhancing cosmetic dentistry.

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Crooks’ Distinct Expertise

Dr. Monica Crooks is impressively trained and experienced in cosmetic dentistry. Having received her dental degree from UCLA, one of the country’s most innovative dental schools, she went on to complete an elective year in General Practice Residency through the USAF in affiliation with UC Davis Medical School which gave her training in general medicine, Emergency Room experience, Plastic Surgery experience, and training in all dental specialties.

She furthered her expertise in cosmetic dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and obtained certification in Soft Tissue Laser Therapy and Minimally Invasive Treatment Alternatives.  Dr. Monica Crooks has one of the most thorough dental skill sets in the Sacramento area for cosmetic dentistry and is the go-to dentist if you’re on a quest for a healthy, more beautiful smile.

Transform Your Smile, Transform Your Life

A perfect smile has been proven to enhance your appearance and your self-esteem.  Dr. Monica Crooks has witnessed the transformative power a perfect smile attained through cosmetic dentistry has made to her patients and is proud to offer the highest quality cosmetic enhancements available, created by some of the profession’s best lab technicians.  Treatment options and dental services offered to enhance your smile include:

A Smile Makeover Can Enhance Your Overall Feeling of Well-Being

cosmetic smile for menThe simple action of smiling actually releases pleasure hormones in the brain, causing you to feel good and sparking a chain reaction in those around you who receiving your smile, are motivated to smile back, thus bathing everyone’s brain and circulatory system in nature’s own feel-good chemistry…. endorphins! Endorphins are your body’s natural stress reducing hormones. So your smile is pretty miraculous! Nature’s own stress reducer, shouldn’t you be smiling more? Make sure your smile is show-off worthy and flash it as often as possible!

Anyone hiding their smile because they feel ashamed that it is not as attractive as it should be is depriving himself or herself of the natural stress reducing benefit that your body is designed to provide.  Either toughen up and get over being ashamed of your less than perfect smile or come on in and let Dr. Monica Crooks fix it for you! But don’t deprive yourself of nature’s perfect stress reducer!  Get more SMILEAGE out of life!

As an artist, Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS approaches your smile as she approaches a fine piece of art. Symmetry, balance, proportion, shade match relative to the whites of your eyes and the undertones of your skin are all taken into consideration.  Dr. Monica Crooks creates an aesthetically pleasing composition with the most refined equipment and materials available on the cosmetic dentistry market.


Whether you are in need of dental implants or veneers in Sacramento, call our dental office. Schedule your appointment for cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Monica Crooks today.
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