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Dentures and Removable Veneers

Dentures and Removable Veneers in Sacramento, CA 

Dr. Monica Crooks offers removable dental appliances as an option for her patients

Removable cosmetic and restorative dental appliances are an option in certain cases.  Removable appliances allow freedom of choice when it comes to when you wear them and when you leave them on the bedside table. Dr. Monica Crooks is certified to provide Snap on Smile (removable veneers) as well as and removable full and partial dentures.  Some patients prefer these options because of their ease of use, non-invasive application and relatively low cost.

Dentures are a popular solution for missing teeth

Although dental implants are the most beneficial, most natural feeling permanent and non-removable solution to missing teeth, dentures are a popular option for some patients and they are the interim restorative appliance during the healing phase of implant restoration. Removable dentures allow you to reclaim your smile by filling in gaps left by a couple of missing teeth, a few missing teeth or the loss of all the teeth of either the upper or lower arch! However many teeth you are missing will determine if you require partial or full dentures. Dentures restore function support and esthetics with the freedom to remove them while you sleep.

Be memorable at your special event with a beautiful smile

Dental veneers are a thin layer of porcelain permanently boned to the face of a tooth either to improve the visual aesthetics of the tooth or to protect and restore a damaged or fractured tooth.  Removable veneers or Snap on Smile is a patented form of slightly flexible plastic molded to fit over your entire upper or lower arch.  They are a great option for a special occasion if you don’t have the time or funds for a more finessed and refined esthetic option.  Patients have elected to use Snap on Smile for your their wedding day, prom or as a trial to determine how best to plan the eventual permanent restorations.   Some patients have used Snap on Smile as their final restorative option.  With removable veneers, Snap on Smile, you can achieve up-close confidence in a snap!  This removable smile enhancement option can be worn temporarily or long term, and they allow you to try out a new smile.


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