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Hygiene Therapy

Dental Hygiene Therapy in Sacramento, CA 

A beautiful smile begins with a foundation of dental hygiene and diligent maintenance

The foundation of a healthy smile include the health and strength of your jaw bones and gums. People are not used to thinking of this fact, but your teeth are the only visible portion of your skeleton.  You would never allow any other part of your skeleton to be unhealthy, so that very special part of your skeleton called your smile must be kept in tip top health!  Dr. Monica Crooks employs three fabulously gentle and efficient dental hygienists who are dedicated to getting the supporting bones and gums around your teeth healthy and teaching you how to keep it that way.

One of the ways in which Dr. Monica Crooks is unique is she is all about teaching you, empowering you to prevent dental disease in the first place. Many of her patients rave about how much they learn about dentistry in the care of Dr. Monica Crooks. Knowledge is power and control. “Understanding how and why dental disease happens and how I can control it, puts me in the driver’s seat.” ~ Ricardo (patient of 20 years)

Our dental hygienists will ensure that the health of your mouth is maintained

A dental hygienist is a specialist in preventive oral health. They are an integral part of your ongoing dental care and our professional team.  Your dental hygienist is trained to use specialized instruments to safely, gently, and effectively remove the hard calcified remnants of dead bacteria called tartar or calculus that accumulate on your teeth and you cannot remove yourself.  Either your dental hygienist or your registered dental assistant working in tandem with your dental hygienist will polish your teeth to remove stains. Your dental hygienist will educate you on the prevention of gum disease and the most effective maintenance routines and cleaning aids.

Manjit Kaur (RDA, RDH), Hyla Carney (RDH) and Joel Oliquiano (RDA, RDH) comprise our golden-hearted hygiene team.  All are fabulously dedicated and sincerely passionate professionals we are proud to have had on our team for over a decade.  Manjit and Joel were both employed by Dr. Monica Crooks as chairside dental assistants before deciding to further their training and become hygienists, so they have extensive and varied experience in dentistry.  All three of our dental hygienists implement their years of dental and hygiene experience in order to ensure you have the highest standards of oral health care.

We begin by enforcing the most basic oral health principles

When it comes to maintaining your oral health it’s important to uphold the fundamentals. Your dental hygienist will walk you through the basics of caring for your oral health, such as:

  • Demonstrating exactly how you must brush your teeth twice a day with an ultra soft toothbrush
  • Demonstrating how to floss your teeth before bed
  • Demonstrating how you must clean your tongue as well as your teeth
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • Use sugar-free chewing gum to remove food particles when your toothbrush isn’t handy
  • Use a mouthwash (ask your hygienist for a recommendation specific to your needs)
  • Avoid tobacco and limit high sugar contents
  • Do not miss your professional cleanings and check-ups at Dr. Monica Crooks’ Sacramento dental practice

By making sure you can duplicate the techniques they demonstrate, and by following these simple routines, you’ll be on track to enjoy health, an attractive smile, lower costs for dental care, painless cleanings and rare to no need for restorative dental work!  Your teeth were meant to last your lifetime.  The idea that it is natural to lose teeth due to aging is a myth.  It need not happen and dental health is all about maintaining cleanliness and hygiene! During your first visit with Dr. Monica Crooks and her team we will discuss the state of your oral health and what hygiene management techniques need to be implemented in order to maximize and maintain your oral health.


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