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Non-invasive Dentistry

Non-invasive Dentistry in Sacramento, CA 

Minimally invasive dentistry means less drilling; less removal of your tooth structure as Dr. Monica Crooks aims to preserve and strengthen 

The goal of high integrity dental care is to maintain, protect, preserve, restore, enhance, fortify, strengthen, support and prolong the health and well being of your teeth, gums, and supporting bone. By establishing first a healthy foundation and teaching you how to effectively maintain yourself, Dr. Monica Crooks starts you on the path of dental success with the ultimate goal being elimination of disease and prevention of ever developing any dental disease in future.  YOU have the power to do this, and in Dr. Monica Crooks’ expert hands, if you have the will and follow her instructions, your dental experiences will be painless, easy, fast, and inexpensive!  Now that is a worthy goal for everyone!

Dr. Monica Crooks’ philosophy in any restorative situation is to remove as little tooth structure as needed to accomplish the desired end goal.   For fillings, only diseased and unsupported tooth structure is removed.  Dr. Monica Crooks keeps your fillings as small as possible and modern adhesive, tooth colored dental materials make this possible!  Dr. Monica Crooks and her team of excellent hygienists and dental assistants work together to ensure that the structural integrity of your teeth is preserved.

Where smile makeovers are concerned, Dr. Monica Crooks will strategize a plan unique to your specific situation that allows for the very least amount of tooth structure to be removed in order to give you the visual aesthetic result you seek at the least sacrifice to the integrity of your healthy tooth structure.

“My goal is to build, save and restore your precious smile so you can enjoy your food, speak clearly and smile with abandon to the world!” ~ Dr. Monica  

Dr. Monica Crooks only utilizes the highest quality technology, dental material, techniques and dental labs. She hires and continually trains the best supporting staff.  For your safety, protection and peace of mind, Dr. Monica Crooks maintains the highest level of sterilization, infection control and cleanliness practices.

Modern technology means a less invasive investment in your smile

Dr. Monica Crooks uses the most advanced state of the art technology in her Sacramento practice. This investment in technology ensures that her patients can reap the benefits of the most up-to-date procedures which often create a more streamlined and comfortable dental experience. Technology allows us to detect disease in its earliest stages so that we can eliminate it early allowing less destruction to happen to your teeth, supporting bones and gums.  Early detection and treatment of decay and gum disease results in your improved comfort, faster and shorter duration treatment times and a happier you!

It’s important to preserve the health of your natural smile

Nothing man makes is as good as what God gave you to start with.  Dr. Monica Crooks is dedicated to saving and preserving your natural teeth first and foremost.  Your teeth serve a vital roll in your overall health.  With kids, even though baby teeth are eventually replaced by adult teeth, while your child is young, his or her baby teeth serve numerous vital functions!  They are place holders in your child’s mouth for the adult tooth to have adequate room to erupt properly into your growing child’s mouth.  Without well functioning teeth, your child can’t get the nourishment he or she needs to grow.

Don’t take any part of your precious body for granted.  You have no spare or junk parts!  Dr. Monica Crooks’ goal for all her patients is to graduate each of them to Dental Success Story status such that all you need is your professional cleaning and checkup every six months and all you hear from us, your dental team is, “Thumbs up!  Keep up the good work!”  By preserving the natural integrity of your smile you will be increasing your chances of experiencing long-term optimal general health and ongoing comfort and vitality.

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