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Early Oral Cancer Detection

Early Oral Cancer Detection in Sacramento, CA 

Velscope technology is a revolutionary oral cancer detection technique

This oral cancer detection technology uses a specialized wavelength of light which assists Dr. Monica Crooks and her hygiene team to identify early signs of suspicious oral tissue changes in the mouth. The earlier cancer detection occurs, the better the chances of survival from any form of cancer.  Oral cancer can be grossly disfiguring and morbidly disruptive to eating, speaking and one’s ability to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Dr. Monica Crooks is proud to be one of the relatively few offices to offer this technology. Abnormal looking or suspicious lesions are referred to our oral surgery partners for definitive biopsy and treatment.

velscope early cancer detection

It’s imperative that we evaluate your oral tissue for early oral cancer detection at least twice a year

A twice yearly appointment and the use of Velscope technology with Dr. Monica Crooks and her team of highly trained hygienists will increase the opportunity of detecting and identifying any suspicious changes early on.  Early oral cancer detection safeguards your health by enabling any necessary treatment to happen early on, when any problem is small and localized. The risk of oral cancer increases with aging, with a history of tobacco and alcohol use, and with oral sexual interaction due to HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

The Velscope procedure is a reliable and powerful tool for early oral cancer detection

This modern technology is a revolutionary oral cancer detection device that emits blue-spectrum light which highlights the soft tissue within the mouth. Normal healthy tissue fluoresces an apple green color, and suspicious tissue shows up as a shadow that does not fluoresce. This enables Dr. Monica Crooks and her hygiene team to identify any distinctive abnormal patterns within the tissue. The Velscope examination is a non-invasive mechanism designed to safely identify abnormalities without the use of unpleasant stains or rinses. The entire procedure will take approximately two minutes to complete and can be incorporated into your routine periodic hygiene check-ups.


Schedule your appointment with Dr. Monica Crooks today, and ask for a Velscope oral cancer examination.
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