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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Sacramento, CA 

Bright smile! White smile!  Your invaluable asset!

Dr. Monica Crooks understands the power of a perfect smile and wishes to help you harness this power through her advanced cosmetic teeth whitening techniques. One of her most popular treatments is the in-office teeth whitening procedure which will make your teeth as white as they can possibly be. Teeth whitening procedures reduce discoloration and dullness caused by:

  • Red wine, coffee, tea
  • High intensity food pigments
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Old, worn out fillings
  • Some medications

A white and beautiful smile reflects health, beauty and youth

A whiter smile achieved through teeth whitening is an asset that can make you look healthier, younger and even more attractive than you already are.  Dullness and discoloration of teeth occur over time due to normal wear and tear and exposure to high intensity pigments in food all which are a natural result of are aging. Modern technology allows you to defy the tell-tale signs of aging in many ways.  Teeth whitening is one of them. Brightening your smile enhances your attractiveness directly and indirectly as you square your shoulders, puff out your chest and freely flash your fabulous new smile!

Advanced options ensure a method that is right for you 

Dr. Monica Crooks has seen how significantly teeth whitening can change your appearance and is passionate about the modern technology she offers. At her practice in Sacramento, Dr. Monica Crooks provides in-office teeth whitening treatment with the highest possible percentage of active ingredient in a controlled setting, requiring the least amount of time.  She also offers take home whitening custom trays with a lower percentage of active ingredient that can be used effectively over about a week’s time in the convenience of your home and at your leisure.  And finally, she offers the proprietary brand of tray-less teeth whitening, Professional strength Crest White Strips which are only available through dental offices, have a superior adhesion and higher percentage active ingredient than the over the counter product of the same brand available in stores. Dr. Monica Crooks can discuss with you the pros and cons of each teeth whitening alternative relative to your own unique desires.

At-home teeth whitening gives you control and maintenance ability

Some patients prefer to enhance the appearance of their teeth in the comfort of their own home, rather than in-office treatment. Some patients with highly sensitive teeth prefer to be in control of how long their teeth are exposed to the active ingredient.  For this teeth whitening option Dr. Monica Crooks will create unique trays that fit only you and adapt snugly onto your natural teeth. You will apply the whitening gel to these trays yourself, be in total control of your teeth whitening experience, and achieve an excellent result in the comfort of your own home.


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