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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings in Sacramento, CA 

Tooth Colored fillings make you look like you never had a cavity 

Tooth colored fillings are a magnificent upgrade to the silver/black amalgam fillings of the past. The development of adhesives that allow hardened resin to bond securely to tooth structure and be strong enough to withstand the extreme forces of chewing and temperature over time is simply miraculous! Dental composite resins contain an acrylic matrix, quartz fillers for strength and colorants to ensure that your fillings blend and disappear seamlessly within your natural teeth. There are a number of reasons why tooth colored fillings are more beneficial to your health and your smile when compared to amalgam fillings. They do not contain mercury for one. Secondly, if they need to be repaired, it is not necessary to remove all of the old resin filling because resin will adhere to itself.  Thus less drilling, less damage, less trauma to your tooth is required to repair a resin filling!  This is unlike silver amalgam fillings which have to be completely removed in order to be repaired.

tooth colored fillings

Swapping out ugly old amalgams for tooth-colored options

Amalgam fillings have been used for over a century and for all the negatives we now talk about, to be fair, silver amalgam was an excellent option in its day. The only alternative in those days was gold which was too expensive for most people or loss of the tooth altogether.  So Dr. Crooks does not malign amalgam for its rightful place in history.  Amalgam being metal expands and contracts with temperature changes and corrosion over time which causes internal stress to your tooth predisposing it to fracturing.  This is not inherent in composite filling materials as they work by adhesion to your tooth and tend to support holding your structural integrity intact. Dr. Monica Crooks does not offer amalgam as a choice because there are now simply better options.  It’s no wonder silver amalgam is fast becoming a thing of the past. Out with the old! In with the new! Tooth colored fillings offer a number of benefits to our patients including:

  • Tooth colored fillings offer a more natural looking appearance in color and translucency.
  • No risk of the dangers of mercury.
  • Virtually no contribution to teeth fracturing.
  • Tooth colored fillings strengthen teeth by adhesion; holding your tooth structure together.
  • Unlike amalgam which corrodes and leaks with age, tooth colored fillings bond to tooth structure reducing the        risk of leakage.
  • Tooth colored fillings can be easily resurfaced as the material adheres to itself.

Dr. Monica Crooks will consult with you about your dental requirements in order to determine whether you need a tooth colored filling or a ceramic restoration.


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