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Get Porcelain Veneers – For a Beautiful Long-Lasting Smile?

What Are Dental Veneers?

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist that provides veneers in Sacramento? Veneers can give you a flawless, radiant smile.

Dental veneers are essentially thin protective shields for teeth. They can be made from either porcelain or composite resin. The custom-made thin shells of tooth-colored, translucent porcelain or composite resin fit over your teeth and improve their color, shape and overall appearance. Placement of dental veneers can quickly and dramatically improve your smile and appearance. This procedure falls under the purview of cosmetic dentistry.

To create veneers, Dr. Monica Crooks first takes an impression of the patient’s teeth, using the impression to make a replica. She then sends the replica to a lab that fabricates your veneers based on the replica’s proportions.

It typically takes about two dental appointments to completely fit veneers over a patient’s teeth, although some cases may vary.

Veneers can give you a flawless, radiant smile. In many cases, veneers can be placed in just two pain-free appointments at our Sacramento dental practice.

After the teeth have been prepared, Dr. Crooks will place temporary restorations while your final veneers are being created. Once the final veneers are finished, you will visit us again for their placement. At that point, you will leave our office with your radiant, beautiful, permanent new smile in place.

Dr. Crooks’ is also a certified provider of Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers, the two most widely used brands of veneers, enabling a permanently white smile with minimal removal of the sensitive structure of your teeth. Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or from composite resin (plastic). Porcelain veneers resist staining better than resin veneers. They also mimic the translucency and luster of natural teeth better than resin veneers, but both options provide a beautiful smile enhancement.


Regardless of what brand of veneers interest you most, all veneers are ultra-thin facings of porcelain or composite resin, which can be placed without “shots” and drilling. This procedure dramatically transforms your smile by eliminating and concealing any imperfections. You can change the width, length, color, prominence, rotation or shape of any of your teeth with veneers. The transformation is generally performed in two convenient appointments: the first to prep your teeth and the second to deliver your new splendid smile!

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Porcelain Veneers Have a Number of Uses:

  • Repairing minor imperfections and defects
  • Whitening permanently discolored teeth
  • Closing small gaps or spaces between teeth
  • Creating the illusion of perfectly aligned teeth
  • Concealing stained composite fillings or bonding
  • Strengthening badly broken down teeth with multiple fillings

Porcelain Veneers Provide Durable, Lasting and Dramatic Results

Porcelain is glass and therefore extremely stain resistant. Red wine and coffee simply slide right off, so have no fear….drink up! Porcelain veneers can be used to correct one tooth, a couple teeth, a few teeth or all the teeth that show in your smile. What you need and want is unique. Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS is happy to discuss with you all your possibilities and design a solution tailored to your specific desires and goals. Below is a dramatically beautiful smile makeover of 10 upper and 10 lower veneers on one of Dr. Crooks’ patients.

porcelain veneers

Before: Yvette’s Broken Edges, Spaced, and Yellow Teeth

veneers before and after cosmetic dentistry dr monica crooks

Procedures: 10 Upper and 10 Lower Veneers








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