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Smile Stories

Smile Stories


Your smile is your most powerful asset

We all know that a straight, white smile can make us look more attractive, help us feel better about ourselves and more confident when talking to others. Scientific research has also shown that smiling improves your overall mood, as well as the mood of others by releasing stress reducing hormones called endorphins. So if smiling makes people feel good, it potentially improves your success. A confident smile is your winning advantage. Make sure your smile is working as an asset in your favor.


veneers sacramento dentistPerfect your smile with porcelain veneers / Lumineers

Dr.  Monica Crooks is an expert in cosmetic dentistry. Her artistic finesse and attention to detail ensures that her patients achieve the best outcome. One of Dr. Monica Crooks’ most popular cosmetic treatments is veneers and Lumineers which can completely transform nearly anything you don’t like about your smile. Another popular transformational cosmetic treatment is rapid, nearly invisible braces. To hear some of our patients’ stories Click here.


restorative smileRestorative options to reclaim your confidence

Your smile can be compromised by the loss of a tooth, by gum disease or tooth decay. Dr. Monica Crooks and her team work together to first  improve the health of your smile which is the foundation of an attractive smile. Dr. Crooks uses a number of advanced options to then perfect your smile. Tooth colored fillings, rapid braces, dental implants, porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers. With all the advancements available to you today, there is really no reason not to have a healthy beautiful smile!



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