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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Experience the most caring dental environment and efficient procedures

Dr. Monica Crooks is passionate about providing the highest standard of patient care. Smiles are the universal symbol of happiness and kindness, so nothing makes Dr. Monica Crooks more pleased than when she sees one of her patients smiling happily after a restorative or cosmetic procedure. Below are some of her patients’ stories.

Megan provides a dental perspective on Dr. Monica Crooks’ service

Megan suffered from a narrow, gummy smile which made her feel nervous about showing off her teeth. In order to fix this issue Dr. Monica Crooks applied porcelain veneers which elongated her teeth creating a more proportionally balanced smile and decreased the visual dominance of her gums.

Kathryn used to dread going to the dentist before she met Dr. Monica Crooks

Kathryn had always dreaded going to the dentist, before she was referred by her husband to Dr. Monica Crooks. Dr. Crooks performed a full smile makeover for Kathryn to restore damage to her enamel caused by chemotherapy.

Janet was happy to finally enjoy going to the dentist, and thrilled with her new smile

Janet was used to being treated like just another patient by every dentist she had visited, until she visited Dr. Monica Crooks. Dr. Crooks and her caring and diligent team made her feel absolutely at home and relaxed during her visits to the dentist. Now she and her entire extended family feel confident they are in good hands.

Jamaal has found his smile to be a wonderful asset for his career

Jamaal sought dental help from Dr. Monica Crooks to close excessive gaps. Using invisible braces and veneers Jamaal’s smile is now as perfect as his handsome face and he can feel confident as he pursues his love for the entertainment industry.

Dr. Monica Crooks is passionate about providing a friendly service

Dr. Monica Crooks aims to make you feel absolutely comfortable during all aspects of your service. This means providing the highest quality dentistry with a friendly smile, caring attitude and a gentle touch. One of her most popular procedures is ‘Six Month Smile’ rapid, invisible braces.


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