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Dr. Monica Crooks understands that many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, so in designing her office, she researched the effect color has on mood and found that peachy sand tones are said to be calming.  It was this finding and her desire to create an environment as divergent from the old, boring and unimaginative conventional look and feel of a dental office that motivated the Ancient Egyptian theme of her cosmetic dentistry practice. Although she had artists and interior designers to help, Dr. Monica Crooks directed and contributed much to the decor of her office herself. Dr. Crooks worked tirelessly to ensure you have an environment that is unique and visually stunning; warm and welcoming. Patients often comment that they forget they’re in a dental office as they enjoy the ambience of Dr. Monica Crooks’ cosmetic and restorative dental practice.

You’ll not find another dental office quite like hers!  Dr. Monica Crooks surprised her contractors by laying the mosaic glass floor tile in graphic semblance of the blue Nile River all by herself.  She painted and gold foiled the archway framing the entry to the treatment rooms, and she sewed the curtains crafted from exotic Indian saris.

Parents find Dr. Monica Crooks’ decorative dental practice inspires the imagination of their children and they love exploring and adding to the hieroglyphics of the Kid’s Cave. If you’ve been trying to motivate your children to care for their teeth, getting your kids to form a bond with Dr. Monica Crooks and her team of professionals can help. See below the world-class facility where Dr. Crooks offers the most advanced treatments available in dentistry while surrounding you in comfort and awe inspiring artistic flourish.

For Our Patients

  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Comfortable chairs and sofas for individuals and families
  • Children’s play cave
  • Refreshments

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State of the Art Technology

When it comes to patient care the use of advanced technology is paramount to Dr. Monica Crooks.  Her state-of-the-art dental practice offers the highest in dental technology in order to achieve Dr. Monica Crooks’ goal of bringing her patients to optimal oral health and wellness in record time and empowering them and supporting them to maintain their dental health.

Here at Dr. Monica Crooks’ dental practice in Sacramento we can assure you that our expert dental staff use the highest quality equipment and materials available, and perform your treatment services with meticulous knowledge and skill.

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