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Meet Your Team

Kelly Ostberg RDA, Office Manager

Dr. Monica Crooks Office Team
Kelly originally worked chairside as Dr. Crooks’ primary Registered Dental Assistant, where she excelled and became invaluable to Dr. Crooks. As the practice grew to require an office manager, Kelly’s remarkable dedication and work ethic, her comprehensive knowledge of office policies and culture, and her maturity and self-direction made her the obvious choice for the job, and she was promoted to the position in the Office Manager. You will find Kelly cordial and gracious, and extremely helpful and knowledgeable with any administrative or dental related questions you may have.

Hygiene Team

Manjit Kaur, RDA, RDH
Manjit was first employed by Dr. Crooks as a Registered Dental Assistant. She went on to pursue training to become a hygienist and upon graduation was rehired by Dr. Crooks in her new capacity.  Mrs. Kaur’s exceptional dual skills enable her to provide thorough and meticulous treatment for our patients in a myriad of ways.

Joel Oliquiano, RDA, RDH
Like Manjit, Joel was first employed by Dr. Monica Crooks as one of the practice’s Registered Dental Assistants. He, too, pursued training to become a hygienist and was rehired back in that new capacity. Joel has an efficient yet gentle touch which earned him the title “Hands of Silk” by one of his grateful patients.

Cyndi Wiegel, RDH
We are thrilled to have Cyndi back on our team. Some time ago, Cyndi was an assistant with our office who has now returned to work with us as a Registered Dental Hygienist extraordinaire.

Shaireen Lata, RDH
Shaireen is one of our newest employees. Young, fresh-faced and passionate about her career as a hygienist, Shaireen is dedicated to conquering gum disease and educating her patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Chairside Registered Dental Assistant Team

Joan DiPietro, RDA
Stacey Evans, RDA
Nisha Ahmed, RDA
Rachelle Martino, RDA


Melody Turiello, RDA
Carol Davis

Periodiodontal Specialist

Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, MDS
Dr. Hakimi has recently joined the practice, bringing years of training and expertise and a gentle touch to periodonistry for our patients. Dr. Hakimi’s main focus is dental implants, although she also provides the full spectrum of gum restoration services.

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