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The Best Technology for Your Dental & Oral Care

Modern technology is an important aspect of high quality dentistry

Dr. Monica Crooks is passionate about providing the highest standards of dentistry available. She has invested in her patients’ satisfaction by amassing the best quality equipment and dental materials for her practice, and she uses only the highest quality labs and specialists.  As dental technology is constantly improving Dr. Monica Crooks always endeavors to stay informed on the latest advancements. The equipment currently at the forefront of cosmetic, restorative and preventative dentistry offered at Dr. Monica Crooks’ Sacramento practice includes:

We help you achieve optimum oral health through advanced technology

Our technology is ergonomically designed to improve your dental experience. Dr. Monica Crooks has massaging dental chairs for any who wish to turn this feature on.  On cold days, the chairs also have a heater function.  Dr. Monica Crooks has powerful white light curing wands that solidify your fillings in 4 seconds!  The standard curing wands require 30 seconds for curing time. Imagine one filling that requires four layers of material at 30 seconds each.  That’s two minutes or 120 seconds vs. 16 seconds!  Now calculate how long it would take if you needed three fillings with multiple layers at that appointment.  Dr. Monica Crooks knows you don’t want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in her luxurious massaging dental chair!  So she has invested in the fastest and most efficient curing lights on the market. “I want to create an educational, professional, relaxing and highly efficient environment for my patients.” ~ Dr. Monica Crooks

Prevention is the answer to ongoing oral health

One of our most important technologies is our Velscope Early Cancer Detection device. This technology is non-invasive and allows us to detect potentially abnormal changes in the oral tissues before they are visible to the naked eye. Early cancer detection is the key to treatment success and minimal loss of tissue. This technology is potentially life saving and at the least can help prevent excessive pain and heartache by catching disease in its beginning stages.

Soft tissue Laser technology is truly amazing and revolutionary in that it makes minor surgery clean, painless and accelerates healing!  Using a focused and specific wavelength of light energy, a laser cuts tissue while sealing nerve endings and small vessels.  It sterilizes as it cuts eliminating bacteria and exciting the healing cells of the body to speed up the healing process.  There is little to no bleeding and it requires minimal to no anesthetic.  Laser energy can be used defocused and used to heal bruising beneath the tissue, and kill the virus that causes cold sores.  Unfocused laser energy is used to kill bacteria deep in infected periodontal (gum disease) pockets and speed healing of gum tissue during periodontal therapy.

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