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Digital Smile

Digital Smile Makeover

Imagine being able to get a preview of a more beautiful you

Dr. Monica Crooks offers digital smile makeovers to show you a before and after of your smile in advance of any change. This simple procedure enables you to better envision what you’d look like with a perfected smile. It entails taking a digital photograph of you smiling. We then upload this image into our LUMISmile software and technicians digitally enhance your appearance by applying virtual Lumineers to your imaged smile. This preview often gives patients the assurance they need to know that a smile enhancement procedure is worthwhile as it allows you to virtually view an enhanced, revitalized smile on your own face.



Digital Smile allows you to preview your smile enhancement in one visit

Dr. Crooks finds this an effective and reassuring instrument to use in discussing what her patients like and don’t like so she can better plan and design a smile that meets their personal expectations. Dr. Crooks will use her distinct artistic knowledge to construct an aesthetically pleasing and brilliant smile especially for each of her patients according to their preferences.


A smile enhancement involves improving every aspect of your smile

In order to maximize the impact of your smile we normally address three key points: whiteness, form and straightness. Veneers or Lumineers are a great way to enhance all three of these areas with one procedure. If your teeth do not require orthodontic treatment then veneers or Lumineers can conceal small discrepancies such as slight crookedness or small gaps. This form of cosmetic enhancement also gives you the ability to mask discoloration, permanently whiten your teeth, lengthen or widen teeth, or broaden your smile.


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