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Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray

Advanced technology allows us to efficiently gain a better insight into your oral health 

The advantage of digital radiography is that digital technology requires less exposure to radiation. Because the file is digital, the contrast and clarity can be enhanced which aids Dr. Crooks in interpreting the data and identifying the presence of any disease.  Digital radiographs can also be easily shared with our specialty referral team of doctors should you need care outside our office.

Digital X-Rays help us identify areas of the mouth that need urgent attention

Radiography is essential in diagnosis of dental and periodontal disease.  X-rays allow Dr. Monica Crooks to see in between the teeth and underneath the level of your gums, which are two areas impossible to visualize with the naked eye. Radiography allows us to identify potentially damaging problems or abnormalities in the mouth that are harmful or potentially life threatening.  Digital radiography is simply improved radiography that is faster, more efficient, more diagnostic, and safer for our patients.

Digital X-rays allow us to follow areas of potential concern 

Digital X-rays are also used to monitor the growth and alignment of the teeth during adolescence. They are used for monitoring the position and eruptive path of third molars (wisdom teeth). X-rays are the only way we can determine if your child has all of his or her permanent teeth before they erupt and whether or not those unerupted teeth are in the correct position for proper eruption.



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