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Laser Dentistry

Scalpel-free, convenient and virtually painless

Advanced laser technology available at our Sacramento dental practice enables us to perform intricate soft tissue contouring and periodontal treatment procedures without the use of conventional scalpels. Lasers cut tissue less invasively than traditional scalpels do.  Focused laser light energy seals blood vessels and nerve endings, and sterilizes the tissue, killing bacteria and speeding healing.  There is minimal to no bleeding and minimal post-operative pain. The healing process is rapid, allowing you to return to normal everyday activities and eating habits sooner after the procedure than you would be able to with scalpel surgery. Lasers are used in periodontal health maintenance by sterilizing deep periodontal pockets, killing the bacteria that contribute to gum disease.

Laser hygiene therapy can improve the overall health of your smile

Laser therapy has revolutionized the way dentists are able to treat periodontal diseases. Dr. Monica Crooks’ hygiene team utilizes laser therapy in addition to standard hygiene maintenance techniques such as scaling and polishing. During periodontal laser therapy the laser is used to vaporize pathogenic bacteria. This decontamination technique is critical in order to suppress the population of harmful bacteria in your mouth and maintain optimum oral health.

Have the confidence to smile with abandon

Some patients feel self-conscious about their gums when they smile because their gums cover up too much of their teeth, making their teeth look too short and excessively wide.  Utilizing the soft tissue laser, Dr. Monica Crooks can gently sculpt your gum line to create a more symmetrical smile, improve the ratio between gum and teeth and expose more tooth structure for more prominent and attractive tooth display. As an expert in cosmetic dentistry Dr. Monica Crooks can contour your gums to ensure your smile looks balanced and beautiful.

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