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Velscope Early Oral Cancer Detection

Dr. Monica Crooks uses Velscope Early Cancer Detection to protect her patients

Dr. Monica Crooks cares about more than just your smile, which is why she offers Velscope Early Cancer Detection at her Sacramento Dental Practice. Velscope Early Cancer Detection is a revolutionary detection technique which uses a specialized light to identify abnormal changes in tissue. Normal tissue glows apple green when the Velscope light is illuminated.  Abnormal tissue shows up as a shadow.  Definitive diagnosis is obtained through biopsy.  The Velscope enables Dr. Crooks and your hygiene team to identify potential areas of concern and seek diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.  Early detection of cancer and early treatment increases the survival rate and decreases the loss of excessive tissue.  While not all lesions are oral cancer, it is necessary that Dr. Monica Crooks and her hygienists investigate any questionable lesions or areas of concern in order to preserve your general health.


Intercept oral cancer while it is still operable

If oral cancer is not detected early it can metastasize, infiltrating parts of the body that may not be easily operable. Cancer becomes more difficult to treat once it has metastasized.

You don’t have to have an unhealthy lifestyle to be diagnosed with oral cancer

Oral cancer affects 23,000 Americans every year. Out of this astounding statistic over 8,000 people will die, with only just over half of individuals diagnosed surviving the following 5 years. Many people think that they don’t need to receive oral cancer detection therapy because they do not smoke and they eat healthy. However, it’s important to remember that cancer can affect absolutely anyone, and while smoking or being over 50 years of age can increase your risk of oral cancer it’s vital to understand that anyone can be a cancer victim.

Visit Dr. Monica Crooks twice a year to maintain optimum oral and general health

A twice yearly check up appointment will safeguard your oral and general health by identifying problems in the mouth early.

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